• My entire business runs off my one computer! Jason always responds to my urgent need for help. Thanks for helping this small business stay in business!

    • Donna Powell
    • Project Manager, f22 Internet Solutions
  • I've taken my computers to various stores/shops over the years. I feel I've been duped & talked down to. I know I've been cheated.

    Since I've gone to computer doctor for my computer ailments and upgrades, I've experienced none of those problems. I trust them! And by the way, they've fixed my computers.

    • James H Knotts Jr.
    • Business Owner
  • I started using Computer Doctor when Jason was working out of his car... I have had the best service anyone could ask for. I have never brought in a problem that Jason couldn't solve. Daniel Is. is very lucky to have Jason and Kathy here for us since we have become all computer dependent. I am a very happy and dependent customer!

    • Joan Cobb
    • DI Resident
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